Family, Friends and Retirees of the American Postal Workers Union

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Did you know that as a recipient of this News and Views, (a member of the Auxiliary for the past year and this New Year), you now are eligible to apply for our $750.00 Nilan Adult Continuing Education Scholarship? Whether you are interested in improving skills you already have in computers, writing, languages, music, etc., or have a wish to learn something completely new, this scholarship is a good way to go.  It is completely free-no paying back-and will be available to you for the Fall of 2016.  So why not set a goal to enter?  You could be our next winner!

All you need to do is:

Fill out the official application form. Complete the form adjacent to this to request the application form.

Write an essay on the 2016 topic:

“Why is it important to purchase USA made products.”

All essays must be typed, double-spaced on white paper and be between 175-250 words.

Send your application and essay together in an envelope via

Certified Mail, Return Receipt requested, to:

Debra Stewart
6400 Guilford St
Forest Hills, TX  76119

Entries must be postmarked on or before July 1, 2016.

Fill out the form to request an application

You will be notified by mail whether or not you have won.

Nilan Continuing Ed Scholarship