Family, Friends and Retirees of the American Postal Workers Union

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Types of Membership

The National Auxiliary is composed of large and small Auxiliaries and individual members. The types of membership are listed in the National Auxiliary Constitution Articles III and V. Membership possibilities include:


Each Auxiliary that has at least one Auxiliary member per union member shall be considered a 100% Auxiliary. States may be 100% Auxiliaries by having at least one Auxiliary member per state union member.


A minimum of three Auxiliaries; or two Auxiliaries and one member-at-large or one Auxiliary and five members-at-large or twelve members-at-large or more Auxiliaries or members-at-large than stated as the preceding minimum may form a State Auxiliary.


Organized Auxiliaries
Organized Local Auxiliaries must have at least four members in good standing. A charter is issued after it is requested from the National Secretary. An officer listing, EIN and membership listing must be included with a request to be chartered.


Becoming A Member

              The first step to forming an Auxiliary is to become a member. The requirements for membership are listed in the National Auxiliary Constitution, Article III, Section 1a. Simply stated any person sponsored by an APWU member, a deceased APWU member, or a retiree from the APWU is eligible to be a member in the auxiliary. In addition, any retired APWU member may be a member of the Auxiliary. Membership is continuous as long as dues are paid and the APWU member doesn’t enter a supervisory position. You may join an Auxiliary that meets near you, hold membership in the same local that your sponsoring APWU member belongs to, or you may simply become a member-at-large (MAL). To join you need only pay dues and furnish the Auxiliary with your name and address. It is helpful for officers to know your phone number and the name of your sponsoring APWU member as well. Dues may be paid directly to the National Auxiliary Treasurer, or to a State or Local Auxiliary Treasurer. Sometimes dues are also collected by other National, State or Local Officers.  Your dues payment will include national dues, state dues, and local dues if any.  Any Auxiliary officer can explain the current dues structure.


Membership Requirements

You may print the membership application and mail to:

Auxiliary to the APWU
2836 Highway 88
Minneapolis MN 55418

Dues are $5 per member per year or

6 months free if you have a code from orientation


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