News and Views is our main tool for touching base with the membership. The Risograph which we use to print our paper is 17 years old. If the machine breaks down there are no replacement parts to fix it. We will be conducting a raffle to raise money toward the purchase of a new Riso. Also, we will accept any donations individuals or organizations would like to make toward the Riso fund. Chances on an iPad Air 2 will sold at the All-Craft Conference in Las Vegas this October. We will hold the drawing during the 2015 All Craft Conference. No plans have been made to immediately buy a new Riso. We just want to have the funds available when the Risograph we have breaks down and there are no parts available to repair the machine. Hopefully, the current Risograph will continue to work, but there are no guarantees. 


News & Views

Family, Friends and Retirees of the American Postal Workers Union