Family, Friends and Retirees of the American Postal Workers Union

State Delegates

The delegate must be elected by their state organization in accordance with their state constitution  See the following for a full definition.  

Local Delegates must be elected by their local organization in accordance with their state constitution

MAL's Members at Large  Any person eligible to membership in this Auxiliary may become a member at large, and shall have the right vote and hold office as an active member, provided that no such member be granted from offices where a local Auxiliary exists and provided further that not more then 3 member at large memberships be granted in any one local.  

Please send a written request to:

Karen Wolver, Secretary

Auxiliary to the APWU

4631 NE 29th St

Des Moines IA 50317-4833

Or print from this link

Submit credentials not later than 30 days before the convening of the National Convention (July 15, 2024).  The credentials chairperson shall not accept any credentials not properly authorized by the officers of their respective Auxiliaries.  Alternate delegates may be seated in the permanent absence of regular delegates upon presentation of proper credentials.  

In order, to be seated, as a delegate and able to vote on any issue during the National Convention, the per capita tax must be received by the National Treasurer at least 20 days(July 31st) prior to the opening of the National Auxiliary Convention (June 25th).  Dues must be paid current through the first day of the month following the National Convention (August1st). 

See Article 5 Representation for full details