Family, Friends and Retirees of the American Postal Workers Union

This is a prestigious award.  Only one person per year, per state is eligible for this award. It is to reward those who have, and still is, helping the Auxiliary/Union , is active in Human Relations, Legislation, Political Action, Public Relations and/or Organizing/Recruitment. It is for Auxiliary and APWU members.

Nominate the Outstanding Member or Supporters

Bridge Builders Award

Let's Celebrate your Achievements

The APWU Auxiliary Awards of Achievement program is designed to recognize the time and commitment made by members in continuing their service and their involvement in the Auxiliary. Points are awarded for participation in local, state and national activities which enhance effective Auxiliary service.

Another $50 drawing will be held for each member that joins or pays dues. A new member shall be anyone that has not paid dues since January 2015.  

You Can Win Too

We will place a ticket with your name on it in a drawing for each new member that you sign up.  The drawing will be October 2017 at the All Craft Conference.


1st Prize $250  2nd Prize is $100

Auxiliary Achievement Award

Membership Contests

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